The People

Film Credits

Director, Cinematographer, Editor—Kenny Dalsheimer
Kenny Dalsheimer and Polly Medlicott
Theatrical Director and Consultant—
Richard Reho
Music Composed and Performed by—
Annie Graves
The Ensemble—
Kelly Calegar, Kendra Cumming, Virginia Dickie, Gail Dupre, Annie Graves, Eve Hanf-Enos, Margaret Heath, Fred Johnson, Megan Jones, Chris Mueller-Medlicott, Polly Medlicott, Richard Reho, Laura Spray and Karen Stallings
Assistant Editor—
Erika Simon
Additional Camera—Lindy Chicola
Online Editor and Post Supervisor—Ian Krabacher
Motion Design—Teague Hayes
Additional Music Composition and Production—Aaron Keane
Additional Piano—Elmer Gibson
Mixing and Sound Design—Michel Marrano
Audio Post—Blazing Music + Sound
Executive Producer of Music—Eric Johnson
Edited at—The Groove Productions, Durham, NC
Photography—Ava Johnson and Alison Latimer
Fiscal Sponsor—Southern Documentary Fund



Kenny Dalsheimer (director, cinematographer, editor) is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and media educator.

Kenny Dalsheimer is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and media educator based in Durham, North Carolina. He founded The Groove Productions in 1996 when he began producing documentaries and advocacy and community videos for non-profits. Go Fast, Turn Left (1997) and Shine On(2000) toured across the state as part of the NC Humanities Council’s Road Scholars program. In 2007, he co-directed and shot Bending Space: Georges Rousse and the Durham Project which screened at fifteen US and International film festivals and aired across the southeast on PBS. A New Kind of Listening (2009) received national recognition in 2010 from TASH as recipient of the Positive Images in Media Award. Two recent films – A Weaverly Path: The Tapestry Life of Silvia Heyden (2011) and Bending Sticks: The Sculpture of Patrick Dougherty (2012), offer engaging portraits of internationally recognized NC artists. In 2015, he completed Peace in Our Pockets which presents an inspiring case study of Kenyan activists building peace through mobile phone technology and grassroots organizing. The film has screened in several Nairobi slums and rural Kenyan communities, Nicosia, and The Hague; and it will have a US premiere at the Global Peace Film Festival in Fall 2015 in Orlando, FL. He is currently in production on The Alice Gerrard Project (working title), a new film about legendary old time and bluegrass musician Alice Gerrard. In addition to his film projects, Kenny collaborates with community partners to produce videos that better our world and teaches youth video workshops. He received his M.A. in Anthropology from Duke University in 1985 and taught at Carolina Friends School between 1986–1996

Polly Medlicott (assistant director, executive producer) received her M. Ed. from West Georgia College and is a teacher, member of the Community Inclusive Theater Group, and Chris’ mother. A passionate advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, she has served on the boards of the NC Assistive Technology Project, NC TASH, and First in Families of NC. Polly supports the right of non-speaking people to communicate, and the use of facilitated communication (FC) to allow their authentic self-expression. A New Kind of Listening is Polly’s first film project. She lived in Durham, NC for twenty years and moved to the Asheville, NC area in 2009.

Richard Reho (theatrical director) formed the Community Inclusive Theatre Group in 2005, and directed the group in the creation and performance of “The Song That Greens the Earth.” He developed a unique, inclusive, co-creative process in which members of the group participated equally, creating material which was woven into a cohesive, artistic whole. Reho also facilitated the building of relationships within the group and its development into a real “community” in its own right. In the 1990s Richard lived in New Hampshire and helped lead a grassroots movement for self-determination for people with disabilities. In partnership with people with disabilities and the community at large, he co-authored and directed several inclusive performances including Vincent, a musical drama based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh, and Tandy’s Bishop, a play based on the writings of Eve Hanf-Enos, a young woman with autism. In North Carolina, Richard has worked with the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Governor’s Advocacy Council for Persons with Disabilities, and has been a staunch advocate for self-determination, inclusion, and full civil rights for people with disabilities.


Kelly Calegar, Kendra Cumming, Virginia Dickie, Gail Dupre, Annie Graves, Eve Hanf-Enos, Margaret Heath, Fred Johnson, Megan Jones, Chris Mueller-Medlicott, Polly Medlicott, Richard Reho, Laura Spray and Karen Stallings