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A New Kind of Listening
Running Time: 57 Minutes    |    Color    |    4×3    |    NTSC
English with English Subtitles
©2009 The Groove Productions




A very powerful tool that challenges assumptions and stereotypes associated with having a disability. I use this film in my teaching and training to validate the significant importance of recognizing each person as a unique and capable individual. This film also demonstrates the use of “facilitated communication,” showing the effectiveness of this type of support when conducted with the proper skill and intent. One of the great gifts and messages of the film is that it reinforces the notion that, regardless of the barriers, we must actively seek and support possibilities and opportunities for all people.
– Chris Egan, Executive Director, North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities


This beautifully successful plea for the inclusive arts movement is strongly recommended for collections serving special populations and those in the arts. Difficult to forget, it should offer inspiration for parents and teachers of special needs children.
– Library Journal, August 2011


A New Kind of Listening is a rare film that deepens our understanding of what it means to be human and that compels us to widen the circle so that we both learn from and with a rich variety of humans with whom we co-habit this earth. Clearly, the film would be instructive and supportive in many learning and community contexts, including for practicing education, medical and human service professionals, pre-service and graduate programs for teachers, social workers, school psychologists, Allied Arts teachers, community education programs and many others.
– Jennifer York-Barr, Ph.D., Professor, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, Academy of Distinguished Teachers, University of Minnesota

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