The Song that Greens the Earth

Community Inclusive Theater Group in Durham, NC

These photos follow cast members with and without disabilities as they collaborate, create and rehearse their original performance piece, “The Song that Greens the Earth”, which premiered at the Fletcher Theater at The Center for Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC, November 15, 2005.


Laura’s Dialogue


Enjoy lots work on funny opportunity …. POW!


Will people see who we are yearning to be? Hoping we bring their ideas, arts to daylight world stage soaring, roaring the message.


Goal of poet…people to respect


Melt on wild open water

wondery love

on people only pow


Awful wars ….. More peace


My moon eyes see everything.

Eve & Laura’s Duet Poem:
look open eye mind
ripple in love
ok pep love
giving reality to love
reason tears see art
owling loop
you slid fog body
letting pool sip power
loading your lost people
digging the plight of idiot every fright


Laura’s Haiku
lite open – you look –                                      I hear the sun                                                   you pow – you wish                                          light pours happy feeling down                             wonderful to you wow.                                     the light in kept ringing


pop lot fun                                                       lot fire on

little lippy pippy kites                                       move my body

ok ha heee                                                       you get near my joy


poem moves stillness                                       look out of your soft other eye

as soft owl on top of trees                                 other loop of owl world

dares at moon to look                                      to look loop bird


little soft pep fish                                             little leaves moon loop

talks of red dolphin                                          dares to kite at poem pen

letting world dance                                          you lept late word luck


open loop go                                                   safe as message

me in moon ask why pool                                tell people lot love people

a losing loop                                                    going poetry going pow

love pow

World win lot. Sing…


I not a poor autistic girl.

I look like this, but I live like water.

I fast naming my right girl.

Friends need me too.

To be moved from within to … pop wow mind.


Chris’ Dialogue

“Feel us meet.”


“I need my own voice, damn it!”


“Richard, everyone needs to be heard. You need a new kind of listening to learn from me. I like that you are learning from your daily challenges.”


“Carried back to my early memories, I felt deleted daily. My Self being eliminated. To deny feelings denies the person.”


“You make assumptions about me. The effect on me is damn frightening. Big lesson I got defending my intelligence. Got me terrified of uneducated popular opinion. Wanting me to mirror cloned ‘normals’.”


“Tumultuous test trying, trying, typing my words. Monumental movement effort, too slow – I get absolutely so damn mad – screaming, head feels deteriorated. I question why the daily effort. I need other people. My effort needs you. Whoever understands should try doing FC.”


“My deep eyes see lots.”


“No one touches me ever.”


“Moon opens up everything.”




“No, really cut!”


“My future feels led. I need my own voice. Your effort meets me listening. Direct talking with me, trying getting my message does help. Be sensitive to my steering my life.”


“Theater lets miscued years die. What about me after this performance? What happens now?”









One thought on “The Song that Greens the Earth

  1. LOVED LOVED “the Song that Greens the Earth”. I saw it in Raleigh. So emotionally and spiritually moving. True Humanity. Would love for this play to be performed again!
    This play and “A New Kind of Listening” screening inspired me to get involved leading dance improv with the “Inclusive Arts Initiative” in Siler City in 2010 (collaboration between artists Roger and Linda Person, Rahkie Mateen (Chatham Trades), Sue Szary (director Chatham Creative Arts Incubator) and Polly Medlicott as the catalyst. When this Initiative culminated with their final showing, I was inspired to continue the wave of grassroots inclusive arts that these artists created. So the “Inclusive Art and Dance Improv Group” was created. Allison Gaither was forming her new dance studio, and she graciously welcomed my idea and we have been a part of Siler City Dance and Gymnastics Academy since ( We participate in the broader art community, displaying our art at the Siler City Art walks where the director, Jon Spoon, NCAI Director, coordinates space in the NC Arts Incubator for us to show our pieces. We performed our dance piece “Turn the World Around” (song by Harry Belafonte) at the dance studio’s first recital performance. We have had several guest artists in visual art and dance arts, and had several informal showings of our art and dance pieces at the dance studio. All art and dance pieces are co-created by the dancers and artists. I am grateful to Polly and all who continue to make Inclusive Arts a reality!
    Maria Troiani Howard, Inclusive Dance Teaching Artists
    Siler City NC

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