Sharing Sad News: Friend and Poet Megan Jones Passed Away January 9, 2017

From Kenny and Polly…
We are very sad to share that Megan Jones passed away in her sleep on January 9th. Megan is a friend featured in our film.  She enriched our live and the lives of so many others with her poetry, humor, friendship, and love.  Megan spoke out powerfully for creating more inclusive, just communities. She poured so much of herself into the work of the theater group and so loved what this small group of friends created together – “The Song That Greens the Earth”. 

In celebration of Megan’s life, A NEW KIND OF LISTENING is now streaming to view and share. Megan would want to see the film and the film’s message seen and shared by as many people as possible. She loved the film and the friendships that grew out of the inclusive theater group. We will miss Megan so much and also know that her many gifts, her heart, her poetry, her smile and laughter, her advocacy, her love of cats, and so much more will live on in our hearts and memories.

Alternate ROOTS Launches Scholarships for Differently Abled Artists

We are very excited to hear about this new inclusive arts and advocacy initiative launched by Alternate Roots. Thanks to Nikki Brown of Alternative ROOTS, Camille Shafer of Azule, and Elizabeth Labbe-Webb of VSA Arts of Georgia, Inc. for leading this effort.

In May, Alternate ROOTS will launch our first-ever Artability campaign on Indiegogo, raising funds to support scholarships for differently abled artists to attend ROOTS Week. In anticipation of the campaign, Nikki Brown spoke with Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, the Executive Director of VSA Arts of Georgia, Inc. and Camille Shafer, founder of Azule and the ROOTS member who has funded the Artability Scholarship for the last decade.