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The University/Institutional version of the DVD ($179 + $5.00 s&h domestic US) includes public performance rights when admission is not charged. You can purchase with a credit card via Pay Pal.  International orders by credit card only and will include $15 s&h.

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A New Kind of Listening
57 min   |   color   |     4×3   |    ntsc
English with English Subtitles
©2009 The Groove ProductionsIf you prefer to make a purchase with a check, please make check ($179+$5.00 s&h) out to “The Groove Productions” and write New Listening on memo line.
Mail check to:
A New Kind of Listening
c/o The Groove Productions
401 B-1 Foster Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701You may also order this DVD by downloading this order form and mailing to the address above.What people are saying……The most remarkable participant is Chris, a young man who was mislabled as profoundly mentally retarded before being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After years of having no means of communication, Chris is given the tools that enable his thoughts to be heard—and his insight is so dramatic that project organizer and director Richard Reho elevates him to the position of co-director. In a heartbreaking sequence, Reho liberates Chris from his wheelchair and carefully cradles him on the ground, evoking a poignant reaction from Chris (one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen in a nonfiction film)…[a] daring attempt to address—and correct—harsh stereotypes regarding the developmentally disabled, this is highly recommended.
– Video LibrarianTASH is an international organization seeking equity, opportunity and inclusion for people with disabilities. A New Kind of Listening was selected for the “2010 TASH Positive Images in the Media Award” because it demonstrates new possibilities for community inclusion, communication and friendship. A New Kind of Listening is a valuable film for educators, students and service providers in the disability field.
– Barb Trader, Executive Director, TASH

A New Kind of Listening is a very powerful tool that challenges assumptions and stereotypes associated with having a disability. I use this film in my teaching and training to validate the significant importance of recognizing each person as a unique and capable individual. This film also demonstrates the use of “facilitated communication,” showing the effectiveness of this type of support when conducted with the proper skill and intent. One of the great gifts and messages of the film is that it reinforces the notion that, regardless of the barriers, we must actively seek and support possibilities and opportunities for all people.
– Chris Egan, Executive Director, North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities

This beautifully successful plea for the inclusive arts movement is strongly recommended for collections serving special populations and those in the arts. Difficult to forget, it should offer inspiration for parents and teachers of special needs children.
– Library Journal, August 2011

A New Kind of Listening is a unique media resource that I recommend to university professors teaching theatre education and community arts courses. Protecting and nurturing human diversity in all its forms is essential to creating just and sustainable communities. This film demonstrates that listening is more than something we do with our ears but with our hearts and hands. I know it has motivated me and my students to make choices that keep us open to all the creative potential in our classrooms.
– Lise Kloeppel, Assistant Professor of Drama, University of North Carolina at Asheville

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