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A New Kind of Listening is a moving documentary about an experimental theater group that includes people who are non-speaking as well as non-disabled participants. The group meets weekly for a year, and together they create an original and compelling performance piece. The film also tells the story of one participant’s intense life-long struggle to be seen as a whole person.
A New Kind of Listening
is both an advocacy call for the right to self-expression and a celebration of the power of inclusive arts to build community.

Our purpose in sharing the film is to encourage arts inclusion initiatives in places far and wide. A New Kind of Listening shows how diverse members of a community can support each other to express their unique perspectives and move beyond conventional definitions of human communication. The film demonstrates that with no funding or high-tech equipment, creative expression through the arts can transform separate, unconnected individuals into a close-knit group of friends.

Our hope is that you and your organization will use a screening of A New Kind of Listening to lay the groundwork for an inclusive arts project in your community. A screening event can be the first step in creating new opportunities for arts experiences that are welcoming to all members of the community. Polly shared much about the project as a Guest Blogger on the TASH website.

As individuals, advocates and organizations, you are invited to join our grassroots tour by organizing screenings that result in dialogue, learning, and action in your communities. On this website you can learn about upcoming screenings, purchase dvd’s and t-shirts,  organize your own event, and use the film as a powerful tool to transform communities. Click here for our Organizer’s Toolkit.

Welcome to the inclusive arts campaign!

Kenny Dalsheimer                    Polly Medlicott
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What do we mean by inclusive arts? READ MORE HERE

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