The story of a visionary director, a one-of-a-kind theater group, and a young man who could not speak, yet found the voice he had been looking for all his life.

About the Project

We produced A NEW KIND OF LISTENING to be a resource and catalyst for building more inclusive communities through the arts. The film demonstrates how people with and without disabilities can work together creatively and cultivate deeply meaningful friendships. Advocates, artists, educators, non-profits, service-providers, and families can use the film and screening events to promote new ways of thinking about how the arts connects people of all abilities.

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The Film

A NEW KIND OF LISTENING shares a powerful story that takes us inside the work of the Community Inclusive Theater Group, as its directors inspire cast members, some with disabilities, to be writers, actors and dancers in a moving collaborative performance. Together they prove that a small community arts project has the power to transform lives.


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